Gifting is hard. You want something meaningful. Unique but practical. Affordable.

As an entrepreneur, time is money. The holiday season can be stressful enough. Trying to find the right gifts shouldn’t add to your already busy schedule. There are plenty of gift guides out there. This Entrepreneur’s Gift Guide is meant to give you ideas for interesting, thoughtful, practical gifts without having to sift through dozens of items. All gifts on this list are either items I own or something I have gifted.


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For Your Coolest Clients

Client gifts can be the hardest. You want it to be something professional, but not the tired old meat and cracker basket that gets thrown away. Here are a few ideas that will get used and have broad appeal.

Modern Terrarium: Chicer than a traditional flower arrangement, this is sure to please your client, whether they work in a hip co-working space or can spruce up their home office with it.

Coffee Sampler: Treat your hardest working clients to a sampler pack of coffee from around the world. Help them stay caffeinated while sampling new flavors they might not otherwise choose themselves. Need to go big? Try their large box or pair with a cold brew coffee maker to round out the gift.

Water Bottle: I love my S’well water bottle and love giving it as a gift. It fits so easily in purses and car cup holders, keeps water cold for hours on end, and helps make sure its owner stays hydrated. Want to brand it with your business before you gift it? S’well offers corporate gift branding options here.

For Your Business Besties

How do you support that biz bestie and remind her how much she means to you? Give her a simple gift that she can use to level up in business.

Self-Care Kit: Give the gift of self-care to another boss babe who’s been hustling this year. This self-growing lavender kit comes with all the essentials for a relaxing #selfcaresunday.

Radical Candor: For the boss lady ready to step up her leadership game, this book offers so many useful insights on leading and creating a successful company culture.

Classic Stationary Set: A modern take on a classic gift, this stationary set is sure to please. It’s thoughtful, practical, and will be a nice reminder of your support day in and day out.

For The Mini Moguls

Got little ones to gift? Whether it’s your own or your niece, nephew, neighbor, or friend’s kids, these gifts are great for getting kids excited about a successful future.

Snap Circuits: For the budding engineer, we love this STEM gift. My kids (ages 6 and 3) love this and easily follow the instructions to put together the various systems. My engineer husband love to walk them through all the technical details.

Kid Start-Up: It’s never too early to learn insights about entrepreneurship. With lessons on work ethic, identifying business opportunities, marketing, and pricing strategies, this is a great starter guide to show the opportunities of entrepreneurship.

Money Savvy Piggy Bank: Teaching kids to be money savvy isn’t just for future entrepreneurs. We love this piggy bank that helps kids think about how their money should be pooled into different categories, and we use it as an opportunity to talk about how to save and spend money responsibly.

Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself

You work hard year around. Give yourself a little something as a reminder of what you’ve accomplished and where you are going. Think of it as a little business thank you gift to yourself.

Creativity Journal: Spur your creativity and grow your business next year with a journal to help you hone ideas and clarify your thoughts. Bonus points for having a unique and modern look.

Boss Up! Book: I’m all about the fluff-free reading when it comes to business books, and this is exactly that. Break out of your fear and step up to the next level with a book all about growing your business. It doesn’t hurt that its cheeky subtitle speaks to my brand.

Boss Lady Mug: What better way to remind yourself daily of your awesomeness than a chic mug with which to drink your power drink of choice? Add it to your desk décor, Instagram it, caffeinate with it. Remind yourself what an awesome boss lady you really are.

Want to Gift Yourself or Someone You're Cheering on the Gift of Up-Leveling Their Business?

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