This Podcast Guest Release is an attorney-prepared agreement that you can use for any guests that you have on your podcast.

Purchase of this template provides one license and an editable download that you receive immediately upon purchase. The detailed instructions make it easy to complete so you can use this contract in less than 10 minutes.

Template Highlights:

  • Prepared by an experienced business attorney
  • Easy to fill out and complete in under 10 minutes
  • Protects your intellectual property
  • Covers all necessary waivers and releases by podcast guest
  • Boilerplate—all the legal details that make for a valid, legally legit contract

Who Should Use This Podcast Guest Release Template:

  • Podcast hosts
  • Podcast managers
  • Podcast Producers
  • Creative agencies supporting podcasters

These templates have been prepared by an attorney with over a decade of business law experience, working with entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized business, and taking multi-million-dollar companies public, so you can be sure you have a high-quality contract. At Not Your Father’s Lawyer®, we make sure you have an easy-to-understand, clear contract that allows you to get business done.


This template includes detailed instructions to customize the form for your particular business needs. While this is an attorney-drafted document, the landscape changes swiftly in business law, particularly for online businesses, and nothing in this transaction or document is intended to guarantee a particular outcome.

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