This Website Privacy Policy is an attorney-prepared agreement that you can use for your website, whether it’s an informational site, a site that sells digital and/or physical products, or a site that has interactive features such as a community board or membership site.

Purchase of this template provides one license and an editable download that you receive immediately upon purchase. The detailed instructions make it easy to complete so you can use this contract in less than 15 minutes.

Website Privacy Policy Template Highlights:

  • Prepared by an experienced business attorney
  • Easy to fill out and complete in under 15 minutes
  • All types of businesses covered: physical & digital products, service-based, and those with user-generated content and interactive membership sites.
  • GDPR-compliant privacy policy clearly disclosing the relevant rights**
  • Boilerplate—all the legal details that make for a valid, legally legit privacy policy.

Who Should Use This Template:

  • Any United States business owner with a website
  • Companies with digital or physical products
  • Coaches with downloadable content, membership sites, paid programs
  • Creatives
  • Content Creators
  • Community-based businesses

**Please note that while this Privacy Policy template includes information that covers GDPR disclosures, inclusion of the disclosures in your privacy policy alone does not comply with GDPR requirements. You are encouraged to seek legal advice and website support if you have questions about how to comply with GDPR.